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2018/02/14【We’ve added a new feature!】 Login cooperation with SNS and sharing function were strengthened.

Thank you for using Limited.
We improved functions such as login cooperation with SNS and enhancement of share function.

▼Login cooperation with SNS
By linking with Facebook, Google etc., it is now possible to easily register Limited as a new user with one button.

▼Strengthen share function
We improved the ability to share course pages, and content creators and viewers can share easily with SNS etc. they use.

▼Contents icon that makes it easy to see if there is a test questionnaire
The content icon was added to the course page. It is easy to see whether there is a test or questionnaire that is tied to the course. Will this icon evolve from now on?

▼Improved reference URL (link to external page) setting function
The reference URL (link to the external page) can be registered on the course page. Please use it for various purposes such as putting a link on your site or service, setting the URL of the web page you want to show as reference material!

▼Responsive support for slide embedding function
The slide embedding function was enhanced. You can freely set the size of the slide, and if it is within the allowable range, you can browse with the same embed code on PC or smartphone.

▼Slide easy preview function
Slide upload and preview can now be done at the same time slide course is created.

Please use these new features by all means!

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