Invited Course and Public Course

What is a lecture?

On LearnO limited you can create lectures from slides (PDF) and Video files.
You can also create "tests" and "questionnaires" for each lecture.

Public Lectures and Invited Lectures

The following patterns of courses are available on LearnO limited.

  1. Public Course: It is a slide/video course which is open to everyone who visits the site. You can search for these lectures from "Search Lectures" module, and find them on lecture list page.
  2. Public courses are displayed on the top page as shown above. From the embed button of the course detail page, you can embed your lecture slides (PDF) to your website or blog.

  3. Invited Course: It is a course that can only be viewed by invitees to the lecture by the creator. Uninvited users may not view these courses.
  4. Below are course details available for creator of the course.

    You can also confirm the course details listed below.

    • List of Invitees: Invitees to the lecture are listed along with other course details including number of views, number of tests and questionnaires answered.
    • Number of Attendance: Number of attendees to the lecture is displayed along with number of tests and questionnaires answered.
    • Test Results: Test results (percentage of questions answered correctly) is displayed along with question templates.
    • Questionnaires: Questionnaire results (response statistics) is displayed along with question templates.
    For tests and questionnaires, datas are available for download in CSV format.

Procedures for Creating Public Course and Private Course

  • Creating Course
  • Procedures to creating a course are the same for both a "public course" and "invited course."
    You may create up to 10 questions for a quiz and questionaire.

  • Publicity Setting
  • After you type in necessary information, choose from either of the publicity settings.

    ※. You may still change publicity setting after publication, either from "public" to "invited", or from "invited" to "public."


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  • 講座作成・公開/講座受講
  • テスト・アンケートの作成
  • 公開範囲の制限 受講状況の把握